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SoulMonique Radio #SpringTransition
March 14, 2015 07:48 AM PDT
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Spring is in the air ☀

From Brokenbeat & Jazzy Hip Hop to Future soul & funky sounds ♪♫ ♪

Moods-Distance (Boogie Angst)
Monomite-Innocence (Beat x Changers)
E. Live-Flotational Device (soundcloud)
Potatohead People-Luv Ya (Noo-Bap Remix)(bandcamp)
Nepa All Stars-The Way feat Vikter Duplaix (Surplus)
Esbe-Serenade (Bandcamp)
Iota & Edo Lee-Cabaret (Budo Kiba)
Nujabes-Psychological Counterpoint
Daniel Grau-Delirio En Fa Menor (Max Graef & Delfonic Remix)(Sonar Kollektiv)
Remi-That's That Shit (Billy Hoyle Remix)(soundcloud)
Esbe-Darling (Bandcamp)
Iota & Tru Type-Spacey Stacy (Budo Kiba)
Blameful Isles-Orbital Stardust (Urban Waves)
Moses Sumney-Plastic (soundcloud)
Nosaj Thing-Cold Stares feat. Chance The Rapper (Innovative Leisure)
J Todd-Invader (soundcloud)
Go Yama-Humble Brag (Rootnote)
Moglebaum-Erde (Cosmonostro)
Dolphin-Young Black Mind (Fresh Selects)

Artwork by Francoise Nielly

SoulMonique Radio Show Jan2015
January 27, 2015 02:25 PM PST
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GO Yama-Microsunrise (Collective Resonance)
Kan Sano-Outta Sight (Kan Sano rmx) (Razor'n Tape)
Reggie B-What up Future (Howard Bradley))
Alister Johnson-Do It Again (Jex Opolis Dub Remix) (Bandcamp)
Sven Atterton-Starting Again (Omega Supreme)
Beat Spacek-Tonight (Ninja Tune)
SoulParlor-Always feat. Parks (Tokyo Dawn)
Omar-Dancing (K15 Remix)(Bandcamp)
NeguimBeats -Hide(Soundcloud)
TAJ-Taj Yo'sel (DTW)
Metome-One's Head (Bandcamp)
Yellowtail-Dark Soul (feat. Sarah White) [NDV Remix] (Campus)
Julien Mier-Dappled Damp (Cascade Rec)
Beat Spacek-Compact n Sleep (Ninja Tune)
Nosidam-Private Room (Soundcloud)

Artwork by Stephanie Ledoux

SoulMonique Radio Show December 2014
December 22, 2014 02:06 PM PST
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Dagmxy-Lxwngn'(Expansions Collective)
Vect-Between Two Palms(Cosmonostro)
Seafloor-Let Me Go (XLR8R)
Henry Wu-Dutty Double (XVI)
Potatohead People-Blue Charms (Bastard Jazz)
ShunGu-Bow Wow (Cosmic Compositions)
TheStand4rd-Binoculars (Soundcloud)
Philip Grass-Wmn (Dropping Gems)
Dot-Super Moon (Bandcamp)
Tora-Jaigantic (Galimatias Remix)(Bandcamp)
Swarvy-Kittylitter (Feelin' music)
Trian Kayhatu-Cyberluv @triankayhatu
Jacob 2-2-Save Miracles (King DeLuxe)
Sacha Williamson-Blame (Opolopo Remix)(DNC)
K15-Bordeaux (Kaidi Tatham Remix)(WotNot)
Nu Era-Beta Waves (Omniverse)
Cazal Organism-George Duke-Brazilian Love Affair Rmx (Soundcloud)
Daniel Crawford-Duke (Bandcamp)
Taylor McFerrin-Already There (feat. Robert Glasper & Thundercat)(Brainfeeder)

Artwork By Mati Klarwein

SoulMonique Radio Show 26 February 2014
February 26, 2014 03:31 AM PST
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Melodiesinfonie-Between Dreams (Boyoom Connective)
Doc Mastermind -1985 (Fujimoto Tetsuro Remix) (Laruche Rec)
Neo-Safari-Music Sounds Better (Playitlouder Rec)
Darius-Vanyll (Roche Music)
Delakeyz - Twinkleyes (soundcloud)
Rigly Chang-Nobody Does It Better (soundcloud)
Edseven-On a Mater Payer (Fujimoto Tetsuro Remix)(Straightup Rec)
Positive Flow-My Prediction feat. Omar (Opolopo Remix)(Tokyo Dawn)
Doc Mastermind-She Treats Me Right (Feat. Amin Payne)(Laruche Rec)
Reggie B & Leonard D'stroy-Addictive (12" Instrumental)(Tokyo Dawn)
Dam Funk-No More Love (Various Assets - Not For Sale 2013 RBMA)
Wasted Nights-Juiced (Keats//Collective)
Onra-Gonna Make You Mine (Colette French Kiss)
The Astronotes-Moonrise(Cosmopolyphonic)
Korgbrain ft Tima-Scale it (Dagger Dx Rework)
I'm From Finland-Utopia (soundcloud)
Go Yama-Miniature Ponyo Souls (Darker Than Wax)
Peeano- Nothing 2 Something (Mizukage Rec)
L a-No-Jordan Rakei x Lano-My Time (Darker Than Wax)
Wino Willy-Seahaven (Farfetched)
Brandon Williams-Now I Know feat. Jesse Boykins III & Robert Glasper (Bandcamp)

Artwork by Charlie Terrell

SoulMonique Radio Show 7 February 2014
February 07, 2014 10:27 AM PST
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Endaf-I Want Some (soundcloud)
Metome-Noctilucent Cloud (bandcamp)
Monomite-Or just a week...(REDESIGN YOUR MIND MUZIK)
Delakeyz-Show Me How To Fly (Bandcamp)
Noo-Bap-四 - 変態抗生 (Bandcamp)
Pcm & Manik-African Guide Ft. Pete Philly (Ini Rec)
D'Angelo-Left & Right (Ishfaq Rework)
Nongoma-Desire (Cosmonostro)
Dego & Kaidi-Carrots & Sesame (Eglo)
Flamingosis-Feels (Bandcamp)
Shuko & F. Of Audiotreats-Taijay (Jakarta Rec)
Modern Trash Quartett-Fela Tribute (INI rec)
Edo Lee-Kokoro (ft. Kian) (Soundcloud)
Sango-Oi (Interlúdio) (Bandcamp)
Nikitch & Mart One-WNBDWN (Cosmonostro)
Nangdo - Talk 2 Me (HW&W)
Monsieur Greg-Revelation
Dot-Playtime (Bandcamp)
Julien Mier-The Storm Whispered Rusty Memories (Bandcamp)
The Astronotes-Space Bag Lady (Soundcloud)
Ego Ella May-Come On ft. Kojey Radical (Bandcamp)
Matmatix-On & On-Erykah Badu (mat/matix remix)(Soundcloud)

Artwork by Patricia Ariel


SoulMonique Radio Show 17 January 2014
January 18, 2014 03:01 AM PST
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Madelyn Grant & Alekos Syropoulos-Purpose Audio (Soundcloud)
Kan Sano-地球へ feat. Marter (Origami)
Forrest Darden-With Me (Soundcloud)
Obivon-Hanging Gardens (Darker Than Wax)
Sartana-Rule n°1 (Lifted Contingency)
Train Kayhatu - Boy-band (HW&W)
Metome-Magic Cloud '1970(Bandcamp)
The Astronotes-Eve (Soundcloud)
Congi, B9 & Geode-She(Chords Marauders)
Jafu-Delusions (Chords Maraurders)
Delakeyz-Think Twice/Onthekeyz (Creive)
Kan Sano-Come Closer (Origami)
T-Funk-A Cocktail With Bruce Wayne (Cosmonostro)
Henning-Gettin' Back Into Shape (HW&W)
T-Funk-Groove With You ft. DistantStarr (Cosmonostro)
Rubee Rayne-Breathe (Prod El Train)(Soundcloud)
Go Yama-Alright. (Lifted Contingency)
Jefutz - My Love (HW&W)
Des McMahon & Louis Futon-Six Ten
Maverick Soul-Deep In My Heart (Soundcloud)
Iamnobodi-Home Hiatus (Bandcamp)
Flying Lotus-Colemans groove ft Andreya Triana
Iman Omari-Cheeba (Bandcamp)
K.Raydio & Psymun-Sweet Dreamz (Bandcamp)

Artwork by Khyzyl Saleem
(Portfolio: http://www.behance.net/TheKyza)

SoulMonique Radio Show 2 December 2013
December 03, 2013 03:12 AM PST
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Greeen Linez-Landscape feat Awa (Catune)
Phil Gerus-Robert Goes To Georgia (Young Latitudes)
Skwirl- Shoulder Demons (FilthyBroke Rec.)
Amin Payne X Ben Bada Boom-LayLow feat. Silent Jay (Cascade)
Greeen Linez-House Of Seven Joys (Catune)
DJ Mitsu The Beats-Le Rhône (Jazzy Sport)
Metome-Paper Moon (King DeLuxe)
Jeftuz-Spaced Out (Soulection)
Wayvee-Sentinel Beach (Samuel Truth Remix)(Darker Than Wax)
Julien Mier-Je t'ecoute (Alphabets Heaven Remix)(King DeLuxe)
Koen-289 (Bandcamp)
Bugseed-Control (Bandcamp)
Koetry-Bosporus (Darker Than Wax)
SoulUnreal-Sessions (Soundcloud)
Youngshim-Stop Motion (feat. Marter & Sequick)(Jazzy Sport)
Jonquel-Hummin' ft George Benson (Darker Than Wax)
1988-Vibeout (Dub Temple)
Billy Hoyle-JD Rio '95 (Bandcamp)
Flying Lotus & Thundercat - MmmHmm (Gdna rework)
I'm From Finland-Kimbra-Settle Down (IFF Remix) (Soundcloud)
Asante-Breathless (SanteJazz Live remix)(Soundcloud)

SoulMonique Radio Show 15 October 2013
October 16, 2013 10:19 AM PDT
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Insomniax-A Vibe For Chrissy (Bastard Jazz)
Knxwledge.-Stayshuns (Bandcamp)
Reggie B-Every Pharaoh Needs A Queen(Tokyo Dawn)
Amin Payne-Midnite Affair (George Benson Tribute/Bandcamp)
Fitz Ambro$e-ALDAY (Cascade Rec)
Oddisee-Fashionably Late (Mello Music)
Tek Industries-Yattsu No Omoide (CDR)
IAMNOBODI-Heaven's Gate (Soulection)
Bamf-Holdmeclose (Soundcloud)
NeguimBeats-SweetLicious (Darker Than Wax)
HeapRize-Carpentrees (Dub Temple)
Metome-Bshops Ring Sun (Bandcamp)
Souleance-Vacances [via XLR8R]
Donna Chambray Loren-Big Boy Hide Your Hands (Soundcloud)
7 Days of Funk-(Snoopy Dog & Dam Funk)-Faden Away (Stones Throw)
Starship Connection-We Can Go All Night (Bastard Jazz)
William De Vaughn-Be Thankful For What You Got (FKJ Remix)(Soundcloud)
Phil Gerus-Love Is Not So Frightening (Soundcloud)
S.F.T-UMakeMeWanna (Laruche Rec)
Mincha-With You [Wulves Remix] (Dusty Rec)
Jordan Rakei-Hope (Bandcamp)

Artwork by Jose Del Nido

SoulMonique Radio Show 30 July 2013
July 30, 2013 08:58 AM PDT
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Sean J. Rankine-Lost In You feat. Juj (Production Joomanji)(Bandcamp)
Sango-She Yells (Soulection)
Phil Gerus-If Music Be the Food of Love (Sonar Kollektiv)
DuFrayne-The Tooch (Heart and Felt)
Ackryte-Filmstrip (HW&W)
Fkj-Unchained (Roche Music)
Moods-Comfort Zone (FremdTunes)
Redinho-Searching (Numbers)
Sven Atterton-Drive Into The Sun (Bandcamp)
Cy Gorman feat. Will Poskitt-Cool Change (Heart and Felt)
DJ Mitsu The Beats-Down To Business (Jazzy Sport)
Ivies-Zuba (Dusty Records)
Sampha-Indecision (Young Turks)
Mosaicc-Dream of Me (Sunset Waves)
Bobby-More Than Just a Friend (Quieres Chicle)
Headspace-Deep Water (Soundcloud)
Black Noi$e-Hold On (Potholes)
Iamnobodi-Bubblebathdream$ (Soulection)

Artwork by Kamar Thomas

SoulMonique Radio Show 18 June 2013
June 18, 2013 08:47 AM PDT
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Lisa Preston-It's A Gaye Thing (Marvin's Groove)(Soulection)
Snakehips-On & On (Kaytranada Remix)(Hoffman West)
SevnthWonder-For Your Love (Dusty Records)
Roughsoul-Earth (Laruche Rec)
Sven Atterton-Echoes (Bandcamp)
Ian O'Brien-Where Does the Past End and the Present Begin? (Peacefrog)
Science Project X Voodoo Dred-Take me High(Dub Temple)
Mabanua-Drawing (Kan Sano remix)(Origami Prod)
Quadron-Sea Salt (Epic)
Eric Lau-Here (feat. Rahel)(Kilawatt)
Deebio-Rhodesatnight (Soundcloud)
Ohbliv-Withoutchu (Stillmuzik)
J-Felix-Move Me (Pragmatic Theory)
Samuel Truth-Blueberry Jam (Bandcamp)
B-Ju-All One (Error Broadcast)
Milo Mill$-Capricorn (Darker Than Wax)
Reva DeVito & Roane Namuh-Should Have Known (Tall Black Guy Remix) (Liquid Beat)
Durkin-Y don't u (Soundcloud)
Wantigga-Please Stay (Ode to Marvin)(Soundcloud)
Weirddough-Knew About It(Pragmatic Theory)
Matmatix-Bada Bada(Bandcamp)

Artwork by Oliver Wetter

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